Supplemental Guide Signs (SGS)

About SGS Signs

Supplemental Guide Signs (SGS) direct motorists to specific cultural, recreational, historical, governmental, educational, military and other sites of similar interest on limited access, primary, or secondary roadways.

Customers pay an annual fee to assist in the administration of the IDSP and are also responsible for all costs associated with the fabrication, installation and maintenance of their signage.

  • A facility requesting a SGS will pay a one-time application fee per requested SGS and pay for all costs associated with fabrication, installation, responsive maintenance, replacement, and removal of the sign structures and panels. An annual fee is also charged to participating commercial facilities based upon the size of the sign, with a higher rate per square foot charged for signs more than 12 square feet in area.
  • Non-profit organizations and federal, state, & local governments are exempt from annual fees. A maintenance fee of $100 may be charged to customers for maintenance.